Every industry, every facility, every location is unique. It’s time for equally unique security solutions, fully customized location-by-location.

Flexible, scalable solutions that deliver what you actually need for superior security return-on-investment (ROI), with proven reductions in property and production loss, security and surveillance costs

GUARDSTAR is interactive full video surveillance in real time, monitored by full time security specialists. GUARDSTAR lets you know that everything is operating safely, as it should. Protecting people. Assuring quality. Securing property. Preventing loss. In-store. Out back. At the gate. On the line. All around the perimeter.

Video recorders and burglar alarms can only tell you something has happened. GUARDSTAR’S interactive video surveillance in real time can tell you what’s about to happen. And do something about it before it becomes a disaster.


  • commercial-nobackgroundRetail
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Commercial


  • residential-nobackgroundHouses
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums



  • Townships Infrastructure
  • City Infrastructures
  • State Infrastructures
  • Transportation
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