Cusomized Systems

custom-systemsWe will custom tailor a system to match your needs. Our system will include components that you need and not those you do not need. While our customers’ needs sometimes overlap, there is usually enough difference between their needs and expectations to make our custom approach superior the most “canned” solutions.

Interactive Verification

security-system-monitoring-croppedWhen we receive and alert, we will remotely verify activity at your site to make sure that the alert was not a false alarm. This happens frequently as animals or weather or even an accidental tripping of an alarm can result in a false alarm.

Our interactive verification process will save you from having to pay for unnecessary responses as well as ensure the proper response is invoked when needed.

Intrusion Protection

Cat-Burglar-nobackground-croppedWe use only the highest quality intrusion detection systems. The detail and design of the system will depend on your requirements, size, type and level of protection desired, and more.


One of the most critical protection everyone needs is fire and smoke detection. Lives can be on the line if you don’t get the right type of devices that you can rely on.

Depending on your structure and size of your property, we will make sure you are covered.

Perimeter Security & Fencing

fencingOur perimeter and fence protection can include a variety of components. We will work with you to ensure that we provide the best fit for you and your budget.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)

CCTVA CCTV can eliminate or reduce the need for manned positions and optimize utilization of security personnel. We offer an integrated video management solution suitable for small and large applications. Video allows you to keep an eye on your site and possibly even prevent compromising situations from happening altogether.

We believe in effective and comprehensive system that properly match our customers’ needs and budgets.

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